Ultimate Trust Logistics Limited provide the following Services in an efficient and effective manner


At UTLL we offer a bouquet of logistics and supply chain services with the needs of the client in mind. We work with our clients to meet their aim of doing international trade business, by ensuring that their cargo consignments are cleared in a timely, safe manner and at minimum costs. Thereby helping the client to avoid delays, cargo damage and additional expenses due to extended cargo storage period. This is made possible by ensuring that the service we provide to our clients are of the highest quality and achieve customer satisfaction. Ultimately, Client’s expectation regarding any Work Order in terms of meeting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is promptly fulfilled.


At UTLL, our business is based on commitment to offer competitively priced excellent services using innovative business solutions, skilled and motivated human resource to achieve every Work Order goal. We focus on placing the client at the heart of everything we do.
Working in partnership with the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority and other key stakeholders in the industry, we ensure that we abide by the rules and regulations guiding our business practices.


Customs clearance of import and export cargo both Air and Sea

With our proficiency in carrying out Customs business, we arrange the clearance of import and export of cargo for clients via customs and relevant governmental agencies. We view our clients’ business as an extension of ours, and so we ensure that our clients’ transaction documents meets the standard requirements of Customs and all other stakeholders.  We are responsible for knowing all the prevailing rules and regulations in the industry and ensure that they are followed to ensure a seamless Customs clearance process.  

Inland transportation (Trucking) of Customs cleared cargo

UTLL has outsourced this service to partners with very diverse fleet of vehicles, with the optimum capacity to haul any type and size of cargo. We closely supervise and monitor this activity for our clients to ensure that cargo is delivered to desired destination and on time. The vehicles are equipped with real time tracking devices, which are consistently monitored round the clock. The drivers are well trained to handle all types of cargoes safely. We offer Goods-In-Transit insurance of all shipments we handle and deliver.

Warehousing facility for Customs cleared cargo

In response to the growing need for warehousing services in the industry, Ultimate Trust has taken steps to create a pool of Warehousing service providers who takes care of the requirements of our clients under our close supervision. In the medium to long term, UTLL intends to provide both clients and third party modern warehousing and distribution services, to complete Supply Chain solutions for our clients.

Logistics Advisory Services

With the background of our key employees, UTLL offer inventory management advice to clients to improve the medium to long term viability of their business. Clients may also benefit from advice on supply chain strategies which goes a long way to help clients achieve the overall supply chain objectives of their business.